The Raincoat Foundation was founded in 2015 by Mikaela and Peter Granström. Clean water is a non-issue to most swedes as it flows on demand from every tap around our cities, villages and homes. To some 650 million people on this earth it just doesn’t happen that way. We didn´t start Raincoat with a clear idea or game changing innovation but what we can do is to give to those individuals and organisations that have a plan. Our policy is simple – We support initiative that will create awareness and knowledge where it is low and we support solution-oriented water projects where our actions will make a real difference.

6 September, 2016

The Raincoat Foundation commits to charity: water project in Ethiopia.

We act in favour of projects that have the ability and management to close successfully. We have decided to dedicate funds to charity: water and their initiative to drill for a fresh water well in Ethiopia.
Even though Ethiopia has proven to be a leader in development much of the country still remains extremely impoverished and 42 million people still lack access to safe water.

Photo: Charity: water.

Charity: water and local partner Relief Society of Tigray (REST) help communities develop locally appropriate solutions to water access, sanitation and hygiene. The community is heavily involved in the construction process which instills a strong sense of ownership over these projects.

Thanks to this initiative The Raincoat Foundation has now found a way to be of help on the spot! Our initial support will serve  a community of 200 people and makes The Raincoat Foundation an official water project sponsor.